Authenticity facilitation through our secure results validation portal. Brings credibility to your results without organisational overhead.

Logistics and Specimen Storage

Manage callouts, track and trace specimens and manage your logistics division with pro-active alerts. Specimens which can't be processed can be queued for shipping to sister or partner laboratories.

Logging, Inquiries and Sign-Out

Receive specimens from the logistics team, log the requisition and watch Chiron dynamically inject of workloads into the appropriate laboratory departments. Departmental dashboards allow you to identify high volume times.

Instrument Interfacing

Connect to thousands of instruments via unidirectional or bidirectional interface over RS232 and TCP/IP. Retrieve results, validate and process in an intelligent IOT enabled laboratory.

Multi-company, multi-branch enabled
an integrated end-to-end technology

Take control of your business. Whether its a standalone laboratory or a multinational chain.

Quality Control

Create reusable calibration programmes and define calibration parameters against reagent lot numbers. Run your controls. Correct deficiencies in the analytical process.

Urgent Results

Dynamic workflows ensure that the laboratory processes urgent results ahead of the queue.

Chronic Patient History

Empower doctors to make informed decisions by supplying them with historical patient treatment performance.

Reflex Tests and Comments

If-this-then-that (ITTT) expressions allow you to automatically reflex actions based on doctor preferences or organisational policy.

Clinical, Histology and Microbiology

Our modules extend into the Histology and Microbiology disciplines too



Add on to our core database of microorganisms and antibiotics.

Treatment recommendation matrices make diagnosis easier with intuitive presentation.


Complete diagnosis

Bind blocks and slides to the patients clinical picture to develop a complete final diagnosis, whether normal or abnormal.

Create a record of stains applied, bill accordingly and generate graphical rich reports containing slide images, specimen photos and other assets.


Multi disciplinary

Configure your laboratory as you require. Haematology, biochemistry, HIV monitoring, clinical and hundreds of alternatives can be set up.

Our workflow technology channels work to where it needs to go, automatically. Perform re-runs, repeats, instrument calibrations and controls.

Analyze live laboratory performance metrics such as incoming specimens, logged requisitions, work source analytics, departmental workloads and many more.

Simplified view of workflow activities

A simple example of how data moves and is tracked through our software. Not every step is required.

Callout Ticket (optional)

A callout is logged. Basic patient information is recorded and along with the tests requested by the treating doctor.


Logistics (optional)

A courier is notified via SMS or our app. Collection of the specimen is actioned and recorded by the Logistics user



Specimen and any hard copy forms are brought into a receiving queue. The callout is converted into a requisition and patient, guarantor, requesting/copy doctor, etc. data is recorded. Medical aid claims are validated for funds availability.

Once recorded, the test requests are injected into departmental queues for analysis and billing integrations are triggered.



Specimen are prepped for analysis and loaded into instruments with interfaces. Analysis is performed and our IOT transcoders publish results and alerts for laboratory technicians. Manual result entry is facilitated for any non-interfaced instruments.

Reruns and repeats are performed where required.

Instruments would have been calibrated and controls run at designated intervals. Adaptive business logic ensure failing instruments are not used unless override flags are authorised.

Reflex tests and comments are triggered where applicable



Results are validated, verified and signed out, or alternatively rejected back to the laboratory for further analysis.

Inspection of patient clinical history and performance over time can be viewed to develop a complete clinical picture.



Final results are sent to remote automated printers, e-mailed to doctors or printed to delivery routes.


Global Partnerships

We guarantee uptimes and scalability through our partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce and Sage Live

Sage Business Cloud`


Through our partnerships we've ensured your accounting obligations and fiscal reporting isn't left behind. With Sage/Salesforce behind us, we guarantee truly powerful financial reporting, from asset management, to inventory and stock.

Report on measurable and immeasurable output costs, build complex dimensions to report on key business segments and roll-up transactions vertically. Action poorly performing business units and play to your strengths.

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Our Cloud

We've partnered with Microsoft and built formidible cloud capabilities with pioneering technologies. Under almost any circumstance we guarantee high performance and can scale the solution according to your disaster recovery strategy, failover and performance needs. Together, we ensure you're protected from catastrophic failure by implementing zone redundant or geo redundant data replication. You don't do a thing. We take care of everything.


Insurance Claims (South Africa)

Our workflow architecture reduces business risk by validating claims before they are submitted for laboratory processing. We support both batch and live submission, as well as live funds validation at the time of logging. Peace of mind is assured.

Payment remittence and rejection dashboards allow you to easily manage claims and successful automated reconcilliations are injected directly into Sage Live, making debtor management significantly simpler.


Our Engineering Team

THASA Technologies, Software Engineering Firm.

Engineering is done by THASA Technologies, an innovative Software Engineering Firm, principally based in South Africa and with human capital distributed across various geographies.

THASA's objectives are aligned with the products core ideology, in that its aims to bring powerful solutions to organisations under cost effective licensing models. The aim is to disrupt industries by building and leveraging cutting edge technologies.

THASA Technologies is an enterprise software product provider which operates in niche industries.

Business Case

Why do you need to consider Chiron as part of your growth strategy?


Increase Production

Scale your organisation to deal with increased loads and throughput as you grow. Identify new opportunities. Our dashboards allow you a birds-eye view of what's going on across your organisation, and drill down to a single branch to make informed decisions.


Reduce Costs

Manage and reduce your overheads, costs and inventory losses. Powerful reporting from both Chiron and Salesforce/Sage Live puts information at your fingertips

New Branches

Scale out

Cost effective thin clients or even tablets connecting over cellular or IP networks makes setting up shop incredibly cheap and easy. It's one less thing to consider when setting up a new laboratory.


Manage IT Costs

We manage everything in our cloud. From setup to backup, it's all done by us. You simply install the latest version of a standard browser (free) on your devices.

App Pricing

Our software is licensed to you. We take care of the dirty work.

  • Basic
  • Get the nuts and bolts covered.
  • Single Company, Single Branch
  • Dashboards
  • Quality Control
  • Logging, Inquiries
  • Single Site Result Printing
  • Histo, Micro OR Clinical Lab
  • Result e-mailing
  • Reporting
  • Standard
  • The growing organisation
  • All Basic Features
  • Multi Company, Includes 5 Free Branches
  • Multi-site Result Printing
  • Histo, Micro AND Clinical Lab
  • Result e-mailing and SMS-ing
  • MediSwitch Integration Modules
  • SageLive Integration Modules
  • Instrument Interfacing Support
  • Premium
  • All the bells and whistles
  • All Standard Features
  • Multi Company, Unlimited Branches
  • Chronic Patient Management
  • Doctors Portal
  • All lab modules
  • Customization

*Subject to conditions which follow

Pricing does not included data redundancy and disaster recovery strategies. We will customize those to your requirements.

Instrument interfacing is priced on a case-by-case basis.

SMS costs excluded

All solutions are subject to proposal acceptance.

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